A cube

I made this cube for a friend's baby Carson. This box is so easy to make. It took me less than 1 hour. I even tried my new quilting foot. I haven't made any quilt since I bought it. It's really useful to be used in any straight lines that requires exact measurement.

I started to love making this cube because it was so quick and you can put anything you like on them. There are 6 faces in this cube (actually, in every cube). Each face contains a letter from the word "Carson". I should have known that I can make the letters linked to spell Carson. Well, I didn't expected that ... so it only spelt "Cars" and the rest was not in the right order. My geometry has been wrapped up and packed into boxes that were buried underground.

Should have swapped the "C" with the "O". If you don't trust me, try it on a piece of paper. :)

I cut up my daughter's baby toys to rescue the rattle inside and plant it in this box. Hope Carson will like it.

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