A down quilt (reconditioned)

A down quilt made from a pre-loved down quilt with not much down or feather inside AND three pre-loved down jackets. The process is very messy. I first removed rows of stitches from the quilt. Then, I cut open the down jackets. You cannot possibly imagine how much fleck of down was floating in the air whenever there was any air movement. As soon as my hands were near the down, the down would fly everywhere. It's not a scene that anyone would like to see. Really wonder what the down jacket/quilt factory looks like inside with every worker wearing face masks??? If you are not careful enough, you can have more down on the floor than inside the quilt. It's a tricky project. I call this "reconditioned" - the same idea as the engine of my car got a new life by the mechanic that every component inside was new. Now, every pocket is full of down and will last for years.

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