A felted bag

I crocheted the flower again with a crochet hook of different size. The result was not what I expected. The crochet flower is a beautiful decoration of something like a bag. So, I decided to make a bag with it. I have felted the cut-up woolly jumper earlier with a hot washing. They seemed to be a perfect match. I took out the scissors and cut and cut and stitch ...

The bag was born. I did think about taking more pictures when I made the bag but I ran out of time to do so. I was making the bag as Ellie's friend's birthday present. The party is tomorrow. I shouldn't have left it until the last minute. Back to the bag, I really liked the running stitches. I should explore to use it more. There is also a inner layer of fabric that didn't show as I didn't like the raw stitches showing in the inside of the bag.

Since it is a birthday present, I made a little tag under my new shop. Should I be making a pattern for this bag? I really wanted to. There are a couple of things I want to improve. I am not going to make a similar one until I have some woolly clothes to felt!!! If I get enough requests how to make one, I will have to think about it.

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Nayth said...

i love this bag - it's great to be able to recycle lovely fabrics!


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