A library bag for Shannon

I can't help making library bags as gifts as they are easy to make and the school age kids can always use them. Since Shannon is Ellie's special friend, I made her a really special one. The front of the bag is a picture with a frame. Ellie drew Shannon on a surf board with fabric paint - my new toy. I love to personalise my work and the fabric paint opens up endless opportunities. I put a frame around "the picture" and made the bag. This bag is one of a kind.
My fabric paints - I bought the Setacolor from Spotlight as this is the only fabric they got. Since this paint requires the brushes, it is not easy to paint it at times especially for younger children. I bought another set of fabric markers from a toyshop in Norwood. Ellie had a better go at it and there was so much different colour for her to draw. She loves it.

Ellie's drawing on fabric

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