Some knitting from Debbie Bliss books

I always love Debbie Bliss knitting patterns. The knitwear from Debbie Bliss is surprisingly classic but also modern looking that I will always treasure for years. I knitted something from one of Debbie's books lately.

Special Family Knits

It only took 2 days to knitted this beret. I inherited a lot of my aunt's yarn. I looked through all her yarn and found this Patons Beehive Chunky perfect for knitting this beret. This yarn is very easy to work with. It's also very light. 100% wool. These "vintage" yarns are so much better than the new yarn.

The cable scarf was a more difficult. I was really excited that I could make the "ball" as I remember I didn't know understand the instruction as a kid. I have progressed from my "middle school" years. Now, Ellie and I fight for the cabled scarf whenever there is a chance to wear it. :D

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