A scarf

I have been wanting to make a scarf after reading a Japanese lady making her own scarf from fabric. I loved how she used running stitches on her other work. I have combined the two elements into my scarf but the "finished" scarf didn't feel quite right. It just didn't look like a scarf people would wear.  I knew that something was missing.  For quite some months, I had no idea what to do to fix it until I read Amy Butler's book "In Stitches" where there was a picture of a fabric scarf. She added trims to the scarf. When I saw the picture, I knew right away that my scarf needed the trims. I went to Spotlight hoping to find the right trim for my scarf. Then, I realised that the trim would cost me anywhere from $8 a metre when I only needed 20cm of it. The colour and the size of the beads weren't exactly the ones I liked either. So, I picked some seed beads and bigger beads and made my own trims. I am so happy with the trims dangling from the scarf. I wore it to the office today on my birthday. I made myself a birthday present that I liked so much.

This scarf is really easy to make.  It's just a really long rectangle folded in half.  I added a few rows of running stitches of coordinated colours.  Then, I threaded beads one by one on the scarf.  It's a relaxing and rewarding project.  :)

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