A mobile phone pouch

I am in love with denim fabric at the moment that most of my projects in the head use denim fabric. This is another one that I just finished. When I bought this beautiful Japanese inspired quilting fabric from Spotlight, I knew that it would be part of a bag or something that I would use. I don't like cutting beautiful fabric. I have to convince myself that it is better to use the fabric than to store them. ;) A mobile phone pouch hardly uses any of the one metre that I got. I will use this gorgeous fabric in my many other projects.

Back to the pouch, it's like making a tailor-made suit for my phone. I first drew the phone on a piece of paper. I then added width to the shape to cater for the thickness of the phone as well as seam allowance. Then, I designed the flap matching the body. Since the pouch would be padded, I used some corduroy scrap that I got as the padding. I didn't want to push my sewing machine too hard. So, the padding was cut without the seam allowance.

Here is the anatomy of the pouch.  I stacked the 3 different layers (like in the picture) all together leaving the flap part for reversing the pouch inside-out.  Then, the most exciting part came.  I put my phone into the pouch.  It fit snuggly.  Perfect!!!  Then, the flap wasn't big enough.  It should have been 1cm longer because of the thickness of the phone plus the thickness of the fabric.  So, I had to undo the velcro on the cover and relocate it.  Then, I stitched the flap together.  Finished!!!

I was going to add a strap that can be used together with the pouch. The idea is that the strap can be strapped onto my arm when I use Endomono to track my workouts.  It doesn't quite work now.  I am thinking that I can use a safety pin to pin the back of the pouch to my backpack until I can think of another solution.

Here are the mistakes that I made in case I will make more pouches like this:
1. Make sure the padding was "ironed" on nicely.  Otherwise, the padding seems to move a little like you wear a few layers of tight clothes and they don't line up quite well from time to time.
2. Make sure the outside of the cover is slightly longer than the inside of the cover for the flap to close nicely.
3. The velcro for the flap should be stitched after the pouch is stitched and reversed.
4. I may design different strap at the back of the phone next time as I was hoping that the strap could be used to strap on to my bags.
5. Use velcro of different size - should be narrower so I can put a longer stretch.

My new pouch for my mobile Nokia E52

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