A summer night gown for KCWC Fall 2012

I managed to finish this very simple night gown in the Day 1 and Day 2 of the challenge. This dress was based on the Esprit top again (I made a Pochahontas costume based on the same top as well). So, the "copied" pattern can be reused again for something quite different. Ellie didn't like the big dip in the front. So, I had to make small adjustments. Had I known about the big dip, I would have altered the neck area instead of adding the white fabric in the front. Having said that, this probably makes it "less plain". I used to be quite uncomfortable with stretchy fabric as it had been quite unpredictable. I seemed to have improved over time especially after my "Learn to use the Sewing Machine" module in the TAFE course in Fashion Design that I am doing.  I managed to explore betters seams and length to use at different areas to give better finishing.  Now, I like to sew with this fabric as it is more forgiving. (Best suit not-so-precise people like me). What about you? Do you like to make perfect cutting with non-stretchy fabric or the opposite?


Jo said...

Great dress! It's really cute and stylish but still kiddy. Kids are funny how they have little likes and dislikes, aren't they? I used some stretchy fabric for my first KCWC pieces too but am not sure the seams will hold - oh dear!

Connie Yeung said...

Thank you for your comments. Ellie liked it so much that she wanted to wear it even when we go out shopping. I said " ... eh ... no". For the stretchy fabric, you definitely need zigzag stitches. Plain zigzag ones will do.

sanae said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Connie!

I am a big fan of stripes and I love this silhouette - in fact I have a very similar dress myself!

Connie Yeung said...

@Sanae, inspired by your posts, I will make more dresses from this pattern. ;)


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