Birthday presents for Alanna

I have made a few library bags as kids' birthday presents. This latest one uses some gorgeous craft fabric from Spotlight. I did a twist this time by putting a extra inner layer to make the library bag much stronger. Now, I wish to recall my previous library bags and upgrade them.

I also made Alanna a skirt based on a Simplicity kids pattern 4252. The great thing about making skirts is that you can add any kind of trim or ribbon to make the skirts really beautiful.

I was going to make a top from knit fabric but I wasn't very confident about my sewing techniques yet. I found this brand new white T-shirt (actually with a logo in the front) from my daughter's wardrobe. So, I designed some very cute appliques to put on the T-shirt.

Voila!!! The birthday presents are done and Alanna loves them.

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