A wheat bag

I made this wheat bag long time ago but recently gave it to a friend for her shoulder pain. I have made a few of them already - one traded with a used bread machine, one for my aunt and one for myself. It's the most useful thing I have ever made that is also very expensive (around AUD40-50) when you purchase it elsewhere.

It took me a while to source the wheat in the wheat bag. I found it in a local fodder store. It's very cheap - only $2 a kilo. 1 kg can make 3 to 4 wheat bags. My first one was considered to be too heavy that didn't fit the small microwaves. So, I made the subsequent ones with smaller partitions so that I can fill in less wheat.

The results have been great. I use it in the winter as a warmer and pain killer when I have sore back and sore neck.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Connie! Great work! You've been busy! Jules


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