Origami lilies

Everyone in Adelaide seemed to have been to the Bowerbird Bazaar market because the newly-made friend that I made these origami lilies asked me about the market straight away when I gave her those flowers.  I am glad she liked the flowers.  I used some Japanese paper that I bought in HK and some coloured paper from my sister.  I made the origami lilies and glued them to dried cut branches from my trees.  I even wrapped up the flowers like a bouquet.  It looked quite pretty.  I must admit they are great gifts as they are so inexpensive but a lot more long-lasting than real flowers.

I did a lot of origami when I was a kid. I remember I had this huge book with every possible animal, flower, box and everything. I went through every one of them. I could understand some and made them. I asked the adults when I didn't understand instructions. In the end, I pretty much could make everything the book listed. It's pity that I don't have the book any more. Having said that, the internet does have everything.  I found the origami instruction from this website.  They look great.  I might make some mini ones from the Chinese red pockets as I've got a few packets of them.  These red pockets are made with red paper and tinted with golden colour.  Very vibrant.  Should be good for Christmas and Chinese New Year decorations.  What about the pages from vintage books for origami lilies?  Will they look good?  I can have some in my office.

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