Recent finds from local shops and markets

Am I collecting basketry? Not sure but they are so expensive when they are brand new in the shops. These 3 little baskets only cost us 60 cents. Ellie found them in this Ukrainian Church garage sale close by and really wanted to take them home. I couldn't say no for 60 cents!!!

I love this basket. As soon as I saw it in the car boot sale in a car boot sale in a well-to-do suburb, I bought it. The weird thing is that I saw exactly the same basket in Vintage Carousel in Bowden selling this basket with a set of vintage plastic picnic set for 10 times the money I paid for my basket. What a big return of my small investment!!!

Vintage fabric from That's not Garbage which is very close to Ellie's school. We went there to see if there's anything interesting. We bought $10 worth of "stuff". One of the treasure is this vintage fabric with its original tag. Hm ... shall I even cut it?
This wood offcut from That's not Garbage now becomes door stopper in my house. I would love to buy more as it looks so pretty. I can easily make a sculpture with them.


Folksam said...

Your simply being eco-friendly.
These baskets are just right, perfect for groceries and picnics.

spectacularfairywren said...

love that doorstopper. After a failed sewing attempt perhaps I should breakout the jigsaw!

JeTaimeVintage said...

Fantastic fabric-got to love an original label like that! Nice score with the baskets too, much more eco friendly than a supermarket reusable bag!

JeTaimeVintage said...

Dont blame you for not wanting to cut it up, can you fold it up and frame it with the label showing? that would look pretty! I'd love to see Pandas, havn't seen them since was really young, nothing so big and impressive at my park. We only have natives but we have dangerous snakes so as am British feels very zoo like to me!

Tracey said...

hello, my name is Tracey and I too am in Adelaide. You might be interested in joining Brown Owls in 2011? We're a craft group who meet twice a month - take a peek and see if your interested :)

just thought I'd send you the info, incase you were looking for like minded girls to craft with :)


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