A PJ from an old T-shirt

I have been wanting to make a nightgown for myself for summer. I wanted once that is comfortable to wear but no looking too feminine. So, I decided to make it with some stretch fabric but I then realised I didn't have enough meters. While I was rummaging my fabric tub, I found this old T-shirt of my husband that I saved and he no longer needed. I put it on straight away to see if it would be long enough to make a nightgown. It's perfect!!! So, I folded it in half, cut up the sides and some sleeves, overcast the raw edges and sewed them up. It was all fun and a quick project. I am a children size 12 in Australia. A "M" size men T-shirt can easily fit me as a nightgown. What a surprise!

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Nayth said...

very clever and it looks great -


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