Bia's birthday present

I went to pick up Ellie from school and happened to see her friend Bia. This sweet girl said to me, "Thanks for making me the doll. I love it. I sleep with it every night." I am so happy that Bia loves her birthday present.  I do think the doll is really cute.  I am so happy with the fabric choice which vastly followed the spirit of the "original"

I got the pattern from this book.  If you have this beautiful book, have you made any softie yet?  You are welcomed to list what you have made in comments.   I have made Lucy's Monster for Alessa, Polly for Bia and I really want to make Guardian Angel for Nicole.  Don't forget to upload your softies in here. There are also some free softies patterns for download.

Softies: 22 Friends for You to Sew, Knit and Crochet


Nayth said...

that is so great that she loves it! it is so cute! i finally got the book again from the library - this book is the best in the series i think.

Connie Cheung said...

I do agree with that. I borrowed the book a couple of times. ;)


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