A crochet flower brooch

I bought some very colourful yarn from Spotlight a while back when it was on sale. I have been meaning to make some crochet flower brooches. Well, I did make one finally.  It's a pity that I am not allowed to wear it on my black top (most of my tops are black) as my husband said "flower on black top" was a taboo in the Chinese tradition which only would be worn when families passed away. Living in Australia doesn't seem to change how our brains operate for the culture buried deep in the back of our minds.  I finally found a green top that matches the brooch beautifully.  It would be nice I could make some more as Christmas presents.  They are quick and easy to be done.  I made up this flower brooch and forgot to write down the stitches.  I think I cannot make the same one again.  I've got to write down what I will do next time for the next brooch.

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