My husband's birthday present

My husband loves servicing his bikes. He asked me to make him an apron as there's grease everywhere with bikes. He eyed on my denim fabric that I acquired in a recycling shop. Although I had other plans for my denim fabric, I couldn't say no to him. Back to the apron, I wanted to put a bicycle theme to the apron. So, I asked Ellie to draw me a bike and transfer the bike pattern on some plain fabric with the almighty fabric marker. It already looked stunning when we finished the bike drawing on the fabric. Then, I just needed to assemble all pieces together.  I am so glad that he loves his birthday present so much that he would pose for me.

You are welcome to download the bike template.

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Anonymous said...

hi connie, no special occasion... we just thought being school holidays and all, children might enjoy a little painting in the playground... promote a bit of creativity.


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