Printable fabric

I have been wanting to print my own label on fabric since it is just not commercially viable to purchase commercially woven label for a hobby. Perhaps I will do it one day. I still want to give it a go to print on fabric as there will be endless possibilities if I can just print anything on fabric with a printer.

After some research, I found this link to show you how to treat your fabric so that you can print on the fabric. It does work!!! It was a success in the first attempt. The labels look great. I printed two A4 sheets of labels that I can further experiment whether I can make it colourfast as the post did say that the colour would fade with normal laundry powder. I guess I will need to do lots of washing from now on to see what works the best. More reading to do!!!

My first batch of labels

A top that I will be donating to Salvation Army - I did put a label to see how it looks. Even if it will fade, it doesn't matter. I didn't make the whole gown. I just stitched some ribbons and a buttonhole.

I made this apron for Christmas Kringle at work. I think I am in the mood of making aprons. I made a similar one as my husband's birthday present with a completely different fabric.  I love both aprons.  This one is really sweet with a family photo printed on it.  Not even sure if it will ever be used.  ;)

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