A tote bag

I have been wanting to use up my fabric scrap. A nice lady at work showed me some beautiful quilts completely made of scrap. So, I decided to just cut all my blue scrap to 3 inches wide and stitch them all up.  I think I got about 2 metres of some lovely long strips that I could use them as bias tapes or something.  I am really in love of denim at the moment and I got metres of denim fabric.  This tote bag was made for taking lunch to work.  I have made it almost the same size as the bag that I have used for lunch boxes.  I added some little compartments for cutlery.   I am very happy with the colour and the way it looks.  The only thing I would have changed next timeis to add some heavy duty interfacing at the straps which should make it "stronger".   Otherwise, it's perfect.  :)  When I showed this bag to the lady at work who showed me the quilts from scrap, she said her Mum just added panels and straps on the supermarket $1 bag.  That makes the ugly shopping bags look one of her own.  How clever!

The inside of the bag in the making ...

My new lunch bag

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