A "new" old skirt

This project has to be quickest one that I have ever done. One day, I thought this very black classic skirt was just so boring. It needed a little change. Since lace has been very trendy at the moment (hope it still is), I decided to add a little fringe to the skirt to give it a new life. 

First I measured how much lace I would need.  I also thought about covering the whole skirt with lace but I wanted to do something more subtle this time.  Lace along the bottom of the skirt will be just good enough for now.

Then, I stitched the lace onto the hem of the skirt with running stitches thinking that I may undo it one day and put different things on the skirt.

Voila!!! It only cost me 50 cents and 10 minutes. I love the results.

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