Umbrella Prints Trimming Competition 2011

I have been chasing deadlines lately probably because I have over-committed myself. When I was still sewing the party bunting and the organza party bags for Ellie, I was actually working on the Umbrella Prints Trimming Competition at the same time. Her party was on 1 May which fell on the same date as the deadline of the competition. The many ideas that flew by suddenly disappeared. Yet I am still quite happy with what I came up with - two matching T-shirts for me and Ellie for her birthday. :)

More 2011 entries in Flickers. There are some really amazing work - actually artwork. 10 finalists have been selected. Voting here!!! I am so glad that I have entered the competition. It's a fun (although a little hectic) experience. I enjoyed playing around with the trimmings a lot. I guess I will have to keep all my scraps for future projects?

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