A revamped bag

I bought this mini-messenger bag a long ago in Kathmandu in sale. I love the size and everything about the bag except the awful brown colour. I finally stitched a piece of bright fabric over the very dull bag. Wow! I got a new bag. Now, I use it every day.

I usually took pictures of what I made at home or in the garden. I just realised that it's very hard to get rid of the colourbond fence as it's everywhere. Ellie and I went to the reserve on our street and pretended that we were models. We took heaps of pictures of each other. Most of them were deleted by my husband as they were too "surreal". I do love the photos and we had sooooooooo much fun.

These photos were inspired by a Japanese lady - Chie Duncan. I recently discovered this Japanese seamstress who has her own online fashion boutique. She showcased her clothes with a photographer in this secret garden collection. I love the pictures and her blog. She recently just posted how to make a poncho top. I think it suits a tall slim person very well. Hm ... it's not me then. :(

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