A "remake" bath robe

Ellie finally outgrew her fleece bath robe. When she first wore it, it was down to her ankles. You could imagine how little she was. This robe has been really useful that I have been longing to "remake" one for her.

I bought 1 metre of this fleece of a really cute elephant pattern thinking that it would be enough since it's 150cm wide. After I drafted the pattern from her purple robe, I realised that I didn't have enough material to make the whole gown with this fabric. So, I cut as much as I could except the sleeves which I was thinking I might just use some other colours if thing went wrong. When I finally got to Spotlight which is 2 to 3 months after I bought the fabric, all these fleece materials are gone. That's why the blue came into place. I am so glad that it turned out really well.

I really love this robe as it looked really good, it was very warm and Ellie now wears it every day. It was very easy to make. I used a lot of zigzag stitches instead of straight stitches to give it a more professional finish. The only problem is that I only managed to make it bigger but not longer. :(

Well, it took 1 hour to copy and draft the pattern. Another hour to cut the fabric since I kept fiddling with the paper pattern to see how I could fit everything on the fabric. And then another 2 hours of sewing. You can imagine that I finished everything in 4 nights which is very unusual. ;) Now that I have the pattern, I can always make another one which is loooooooooonger.

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