My queen size throw

I started knitting this throw from this Erika Knight's knitting pattern a few months ago because I inherited 20 balls of mohair yarn from my aunt. What's a better way to use up all these yarns? I have never knitted anything so big in size. This throw was made up with 4 rectangles of different patterns stitching together and then I knitted the fringe and sewed it around the borders. It's just gorgeous and wonderfully warm. I am so happy that I finished it just in time before it got really cold. My husband kept suggesting to spend AUD300 on a good down quilt. After I made this throw, I'd rather spend that money on raw materials, more fabric and more yarn. It's only a matter of time that I can make something we will treasure of years. :)

I have never knitted lace patterns. It's pretty tricky as I often got lost in the pattern and forgot which row I was on and missed a stitch here and there. Having made so many mistakes, I learnt that it's always good to make a total of number of stitches for each row so you know where you are based on the number of stitches on your needles. This worked wonderfully well with the fringes. For the lace pattern, work out the "trend" in the pattern so that you can count where you are based on the first few stitches in a row. It's not as relaxing as knitting stockinette stitches but the results are well worth the efforts and you will grasp the pattern before you know it.

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