Another alphabet baby quilt

After Hei Hei's quilt, my quilting bugs kept nudging me to make another one. What's better to use up the alphabet panel that gave me a headache. I intended to make something quick and simple. I didn't cut up the panel this time. Just added two contrasting borders around it. The simplest quilt pattern that I can every think of. This quilt is simple and yet very eye-catching. Does it look better than the other one? I have added complexity to the quilt by stippling the whole quilt. I ended up having to use invisible thread for the stippling since there's so much different colour on the panel.

Back to the borders, I do love the whale fabric. Should have bought more!!! It's a beautiful boy fabric that I seldom see. I am pretty the bolt will be gone by now since it was on sale like AUD 7 a metre. This quilt went to my cousin Fung Fung in Hong Kong. He likes reading. Got to check out if he has learnt all alphabets on the quilt. ;)

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