A cap-sleeved top

I normally just borrowed sewing and knitting books from the library without doing anything. However, this is my first time ever to have completed a project within the 4-week borrowing period. Highly recommend this book. The author designed 8 basic patterns. Each basic pattern evolved into 3 different garments. I loved the clothes in the book that I will actually wear. They are so classic (which are sometimes very hard to be found in shops these days).  It also tells you a range of fabric that you can use for the same pattern and suggests other possibilities of the design. Since this is an English translation of a Japanese book, I did wonder whether the size has been adjusted from the Asian size to the American one. I was quite confused even there was measurement of the actual clothing. I did spend quite a long of time trying to figure which size would be good for me or whether it would still be too big as I don't have the body of a model. :D
Simple Modern Sewing
It took me one night to make this top with batik fabric (a gift from Singapore).  Loved the vibrant colours.  It was so simple that I even had the time to make the top with some test fabric to test the instructions and the size as I found it hard to imagine whether it would fit despite the measurement.  I had so much fun making this top and really appreciated the simplicity of Japanese design.  

A cap-sleeved top by saffronbee1
A cap-sleeved top, a photo by saffronbee1 on Flickr.

My own woven labels are another highlight for me. I ordered them in my Hong Kong trip when I had the chance to wander shops that specialised in all sorts of ribbons, elastics, zippers and fabric ...  These labels are made as name tags.  There is a limit of the size of the labels. For a cost at less than  AUD 7 cent each, I was really excited to give it a go and put as much information as I want in the labels.  Can't be happier with the labels.  Now, I can proudly stitched on my own labels for my hand-made clothes.  It came with a minimum of 30 dozen labels.  Hm ... It will take me a lifetime to use up these labels.  ;)
My own label by saffronbee1
My own label, a photo by saffronbee1 on Flickr.

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