Christmas presents for Ellie's teachers

I loved these colourful Christmas presents that I made for Ellie's teachers.

These headbands were made for the two daughters of her Thur/Fri teacher.

This wheat bag was made for her Mon-Wed teacher. It's really easy to make. I stitched up a bag and then filled up some lavender seeds from my garden (should have picked more before they were all blown away by the storm) and lots of wheat from the fodder store off the road in the bag. I then sealed the opening. I thought wheat bag would always be useful to a lady with grown-up children. There was also Ellie's writing on the bag to make it a more special. The red corduroy was leftover fabric from my friend's T-shirt that I turned into a bag. I bought the top fabric in Spotlight on my birthday. I am in love with the colour and the pattern. It's so vibrant and uplifting. They turned out to be a great combination.

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水駱駝 said...

又靚 又精緻

鍾意隻牛咕㖘 :)


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