My first ever Artist Pass

I picked up my first ever Artist Pass from Irving Baby last week. I was so excited to show everyone about my pass. I probably will book some discounted tickets for artists. Can't believe that I am art of Adelaide Fringe 2011!!!

Back to the exhibition, I have been there once with my friend Nayth.  I will go there again on Sunday night with Kate and Sue.  I haven't taken my husband and daughter to see it yet.  I am going to see it at least 3 times.  I have asked my husband to take some really good pictures for me.

Trenna said that there have been lots of visits plus a few Fringe group tours.  Lots of positive comments ...

Trenna also prepared and posted the exhibition catalog in Knitting Nancy Dives In website. She has truly done a great job!! I didn't expect that she would need to spend so much effort on it.  Thank you Trenna!!!

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