Some new ice-skating outfit

I have been wanting to make some new outfit for Ellie when she goes ice-skating.  For so long, I have done nothing.  Suddenly, I finished a few things for her to mix and match. 

Here is a top from Simplicity pattern 3810.  I loved the little rose to make it extra special.

I added a bow with long trailing ribbons hoping that they will fly on the ice.  ;)

This top is my very-proud-upcycled creation.  I was about to throw away this very daggy stained skivvy.  The solid colour of the fabric made me think that I can add some sparkle to it and turn it into an ice-skating top.   (All ice-skating outfit seems to have some sparkles on the fabric).  I kind of pictured that I wanted to get rid of the turtle neck and the sleeves are a bit short and there were some stained area need to be cleared.  So, I cut the sleeves and replaced them with the sparkly fabric (oh forgot what it's called now).  Then, I cut the turtle neck and finished the neck with bias tape made by the same fabric.  Then, I made different yo-yos from the fabric just to cover what I don't want to see.

I cut so much from this skivvy that it now looks completely different.  The yo-yos came in really handy to cover them up.  Instead of giving away her stained top, her skivvy now has a new life and become something that I am so proud of.  :)

The hardest thing was to sew the neck as the layers of fabric was quite thick.  I don't remember how much I pushed my sewing machine to the limit.  I think I ended up hand-stitching the thickest point.


I even used the leftover fabric for a headband. 

How many nights did I spend on this?  Quite a few but I had lots of fun.

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