Souvenir from Singapore

My friend came back from Singapore. She always bought us something from there. I asked for fabric this time. Not knowing what I will get and whether I will get anything. It's definitely a big surprise when I received these gorgeous batik fabric from her. I love the colours and the patterns. So vibrant! It's 100% cotton. Since I had no idea of what batik meant, I googled a bit and found that it's referring to those special patterns. So, I learnt a bit of histories and cultures as well.

Since she lost her luggage at the airport, I made some luggage tags with the batik in return. It's great that she loved the tags. Hope she won't lose her luggage any more.

I also used the fabric to make buntings for Ellie's birthday party. We can now easily throw a party without too much effort in decoration.

I also sewed two shopping bags with the batik as I have way too many ugly shopping bags with company logos on them. I also wanted to make a shopping bag that is light enough to be carried everywhere. Ideally, it could be folded into a small bag. I still can't work out how to close the fold-up bag, whether to put buttons or elastics... What do you think?

I will make more stuff but i think it will be at the end of my very long to-do-project-list. ;)

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